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Extremely Big Dick

Horny Stud with Big Dick

I’ve been cruising this new site I found a few weeks back, it’s my new favourite gay porn site and it’s called Boyfriend Nudes. It features a lot of user-submitted photos, some sent in by the guys themselves, some e-mailed in by pissed off boyfriends and girlfriends, and some culled from profile sites. I stumbled across this guy and his extremely big dick. Now we all know that photos can sometimes be deceiving, so this horny stud has done us the service of lining his huge dick up again a shampoo and water bottle just so we can see how fucking big this thing is. Scroll down, you’ve got to see this guy’s humongous tool.

Extremely Big Cock

Stroking His Huge Cock

Straight Up in the Air Big Cock

Big Cock and Water Bottle Comparision

Big Cock and Shampoo Bottle

iPhone Pic of Barechested Stud

Whoppingly Big Dick

Long Dick

Now if this extremely big dick doesn’t get you all horned up, then I don’t know what will. I’ve sure got a hankering to suck some penis now, but a snow storm is setting in, so I’m stuck at home.


  1. I love your big and long dick and I love to suck it.

  2. I love straight guys with big floppy uncut cocks. I also love getting straight guys drunk off their face then taking advantage of them while they’re sleeping. Really gets me going big time!

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