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Beautiful Guy Jerks Off

Beautiful Guy

I’ve been watching new gay porn site Drake Cameron for a few weeks now, and I like what I’m seeing. This week I’m in awe of Dayton O’Conner. What a beautiful guy! This fit, 25-year-old guy strips naked and gets his big meaty cock hard. And wait until you see his cumshot, you’ll want to head in here to check it out

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Jerking His Big Cock

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Hot Naked Guy with Big Meaty Dick

Well-Hung Guy Shooting his Load of Cum

Naked Guy Covered in Cum

There are some guys in the world who you just have to see naked or you’ll explode. For me, Dayton O’Conner is one of those guys. He’s such a good-looking guy, even a little on the exotic side; I can’t really put my finger on it, I guess it’s probably his blue eyes and that bit of chin scruff that really does it for me. He really is a beautiful guy.

Dayton was into sports back in high school – lacrosse, football, and track – but now mostly he just does yoga. “I don’t have a gym membership,” he says when asked about working out. Well, I’d say the yoga is working; Dayton’s body is lean and well defined.

Dayton also reveals that he’s not really a vanilla sex kind of guy; he likes his sex rough. “A little spit never hurt anybody,” he says with a devilish grin – nor does a big, walloping load of watery spunk, as Dayton demonstrates. Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching his jerk-off session, and would have been satisfied with a few spurts of cum across the belly; I was duly impressed when Dayton’s cum load slashed across his chest and up onto the side of his face. Way to go! I’m definitely going to watch this one again.


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