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Big Dick Guy on Bottom

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Don’t you just hate it when a big dick guy turns out to be a bottom? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scoped out a nice big dick at the baths just to have to guy roll over and stick his ass in the air. What a waste! Chasen Hart is one of those guys, and forgive the play on words, but he’ll break your heart. He’s a good-looking, 21-year-old stud who stands 6’5″, and swings a 9-inch cock between his legs. Big dick bottoms … you just want to cry, don’t you?

Unveiling a Big Cock

Do You Wanna Suck My Big Dick?

Sucking a Big Dick

Comparing Dick Size

Sucking a Big Dick

Fucking Big Dick Guy

Fucking Doggy Style

Dallas Reeves is the cute guy who is paired up with Chasen on Extra Big Dicks. Dallas is pretty hot himself. After he slides Chasen out of his pants, Dallas can’t get enough of that 9-inch cock. I mean look at that beautiful big dick crowned with a plump cockhead. He slobbers all over Chasen’s big dick and gives him a long, slow blowjob. Funnily enough, Chasen never really gets around to sucking Dallas’s dick very much. Once Dallas has had his fill of Chasen’s cock, he flips the big guy’s legs in the air and starts inching his hard cock home. Once he loosens Dallas up, the tall stud sits on his buddy’s cock. But most of all, I loved watching this tall guy down on all fours, kneeling on an ottoman, and getting his beefy ass drilled hard.

Chasen sends a thick load of spunk spilling all over Dallas’s nipple and Dallas falls over the edge, exploding all over himself.


  1. You know it’s really oppressive to assume because a guy has a big dick that he has to be or should be a top. That’s like a straight woman stating “What a waste!!” when finding out a hot guy is gay. I mean I’m not taking all of this too seriously but you know what I mean. Personally, topping a hot muscular hung guy is quite a turn-on for me. I especially like to see his muscular back or nice abs when I’m fucking him. But I can bottom too.

  2. I get what you’re saying … but if you follow my blogs regularly, you’ll know that I’m a 100% committed bottom. I just don’t enjoy fucking. So for me, a big-bicked bottom is a crying shame. 🙂

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