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Harry Louis Nude

Harry Louis Fat Cock

Oh my God! Doesn’t Harry Louis have the most fantastically fat cock you’ve ever seen? I remember the first time I saw this stud on UK Naked Men, I just about broke my chin on my desk. I love sucking dick, and giving Harry Louis a long, slow blowjob would be a fantasy come true. It’s not so much that Harry’s cock is 9-inches long – and it is – but it’s so fucking fat. God, can you imagine just holding it in your hands a running your tongue all over it. It gives me shivers!

Fat Uncut Cock

Harry Louis Stiff Cock

Harry Louis Hard Cock

Big Fat Cock Close-Up

Harry Louis Fat Cock

Harry Louis is the kind of guy I like to see at the baths. I’d love watching him swagger down the hallways with his big, meaty cock swinging between his legs. The cocksuckers would be jockeying for a chance to see if they can fit such a big, delicious cock down their throats. Most can’t, but the skillfully trained cocksucker (like myself) knows how to take care of a big cock like Harry Louis’. This isn’t the kind of cock you suck, this is the kind of cock that you worship. And if you want to see many men taking on Harry’s fat cock, UK Naked Men has six videos of various men servicing that tremendous piece of meat with both their mouths and their asses. And there are a dozen photo galleries where you can marvel at the size of it.


  1. Harry Louis Your cock is any man’s dream

  2. i wish i could touch and smell Harry Louis’ fat and uncut cock and then put it into my mouth as long as I could…I dream about it…….

  3. Wow! I would want to suck on your cock as well harry. I dream about that. just a lick.

  4. First I would put the pee in my mouth then I would stuff it in my mouth and lick your big cock harry. I dream of doing that like benny. I would smell it and look and feel. It would be peaceful right?

  5. Like others have said, “You’re every man’s dream! WOW! We should all be so lucky!

  6. i just found this site i love it

  7. you are so sexy and you have a big fat cock and i will like suck

  8. sexy!
    i would suck it

  9. I ‘m a big fan of harry louis.
    My biggest dream for ever is he fuck me alot .

  10. I would love to have a taste of the big fat cock.

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