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Sucking a Huge Black Dick

Sucking a Huge Black Dick

Cutler X has an 11-inch, uncut cock and he’s fucked quite a bit of ass over at Tim Tales. But until now Cutler has used his huge black dick on white guys, and it’s been fun watching these guys getting their asses split wide open. Gosh, I have to say I’m a little jealous. There’s nothing hotter than feeling a huge cock inching it’s way into my butt hole – it’s hurts like a mother fucker at first, but it’s a good hurt.

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This week Cutler has been paired up with cock-hungry Frederick Berlin, who has a healthy 8.5-inch cock himelf. Frederick has also fucked a lot of white ass on the gay porn site. But now it’s Frederick’s turn to see if he can handle an 11-inch dick. (I always like a top man who is willing to spread his butt cheeks for a hot bone!) But first, Frederick is going to see just how much of Cutler’s huge black dick he can stuff down his throat. After showing off his oral skills, Frederick gets down on all fours and braces himself for an impaling he’ll never forget.


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  4. Kelly Breslin Wright

    i just love to roll back a very long, sticky foreskin black as coal, only to find an enormous cock head that is bubblegum pink. i always tell my black man not to wash, so i can lick off his cheesy smegma and eat the little white bits, then i get him to shoot a dozen hot wads of cum so hard they splash against the back of my throat.

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