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Uber Hung Mario Costa

Huge Bulge in Underwear

Sometimes a guy’s dick is so big that you don’t know whether to dive in and start sucking, or whether you should just wrap your arms around it and cry. Uber hung Mario Costa has one of those dicks. This hot Cuban guy and his huge cock is a size queen’s dream come true. But you’d better make sure you can handle a dick this big. Micah Andrews thinks he up for the challenge on Extra Big Dicks. Scroll down and see how he does.

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Mario Costa Gets Head

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Hard 9-Inch Cock

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Guy Sucking Huge Cock

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Micah is awestruck when he see Mario’s huge bulge in his underwear briefs; his bulge is so big that it stretches the underwear’s fabric and creates little peep holes through which we can see bits of this Cuban stud’s pubes. Micah admires Mario’s bulge with his tongue and finally releases this huge Cuban cock. Micah slides that thick cock as far down his throat as he can. The guys swap blowjobs in a 69 cocksucking session and Micah is on top so he can control that monster cock.

Mario sits back and Micah straddles his hard, Cuban cock. It takes a while, but slowly his ass gives up and lets Mario’s stiff pole slide inside. Micah impales himself right down to Mario’s tight ball sac. And unbelievably, Micah can’t get enough and seems to want more than the 9 inches Mario has to offer. Micah starts grinding and Mario just sits back and watches with pleasure as this horny young stud rides his meat. Mario flips Micah on his back and fucks that ass missionary – he’s able to thrust deeper and harder – and that seems to be exactly what Micah wanted. As they get close to cumming, they sit back and stroke off together, spewing their creamy loads all over their bellies.


  1. Damn Mario you sure feed Micah real good, with that uncut beefy big “CUBAN MORRONGON” cock of yours. For sure a succulent and awesome Cuban Pingón to feast for days, over and over!!!!!


  2. anything with mario is hot

  3. love all of the stories

  4. save the hype for the wal-mart ad campaigns: mario is not so big as matt H. (pardon me, danny D), but he seems to like sex with men more than matt/danny did. also, he’s better looking than matt/danny.

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