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9.5 Inches Long

9.5 Inches Long

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words. That’s quite the over hang. What a beautiful dick! And at 9.5 inches long, it’s going to be quite the challenge for Kevin Cavalli to stuff up his straight ass. That’s right, this sexy, inked New Yorker is straight, but very open minded – “Sex is sex,” he says. And soon enough his butt hole is going to be pretty open, too. Beau Kennedy is the 21-year-old owner of this beautiful, suckable, 9.5-inches long cock and he’s doing his first gay porn scene ever – and I’m betting this young stud will have a long career ahead of him. Scroll down and see how Kevin fares with this monstrousity of man meat. I also just reviewed Extra Big Dicks at my new blog Hunter Cox, so be sure to check out even more previews over there.

Sucking a 9.5 Inch Dick

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The guys sit on the couch and compare tattoos. Beau slides out of his pants to show Kevin where he wants to get his next tattoo. He wants four aces inked across his lower obliques. Kevin can’t help but notice the huge cock hanging in Beau’s boxers and Kevin starts groping it. They start comparing dicks and Beau says that he’s got nine inches – actually it’s 9.5, but who’s measuring? When Beau finally releases that monster, Kevin starts sucking it and is really turned on by how much bigger it’s getting in his moutn. In spite of the natural cocksucker curve in Beau’s dick, Kevin gags trying to take it all down his throat. “This thing hangs down to your knee,” Kevin teases. Don’t feel bad, Kevin, even an old cocksucking pro like me has trouble swallow a 9.5-inches-long dick.

Beau takes his turn sucking Kevin’s cock, and this is the first time this well-hung stud has had a cock in his mouth. Judging by Kevin’s moaning, Beau does alright. He bends Kevin over and starts inching his huge 9.5-inch cock inside Kevin’s sweet ass. It doesn’t take Kevin long to warm up his hole and soon he’s bucking back on Beau’s cock. Beau doesn’t move and enjoys Kevin thrusting on his dick. “Awww, that’s a tight ass,” Beau grunts. But soon Beau takes control and he starts fucking Kevin harder. But Beau kind of likes not being in charge, so he sits back and watches as Kevin mounts his huge fuck pole and goes for a ride. Beau gets pretty worked up watching Kevin’s ass stretch to accommodate his massive tool. Both guys are pretty horny now and they sit back on the couch and jerk off together. Beau’s cumshot is spectacular with big gobs of spunk sliding down his fist.


  1. sex is sex, huh? more like, money is money: dude wouldn’t be doing this if he weren’t paid for it; what a crock of shit.

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