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Black Muscle Hunk: The Tank

Black Muscle Hunk in See Through Underwear

Well, it looks like it’s black man day here at Big Dick Hunt. This muscle hunk is the third black man I’ve posted here today. He certainly in a fine-looking man and he calls himself The Tank. He’s handsome and wears a beard, and The Tank has a delicious pair of full lips. Man, kissing is one of my biggest turn-ons and I sure get into a long, slow kissing session with this sexy, black muscle hunk. He was one of the latest black muscle hunks over at The Finest Black Men, and he certainly is that.

And let’s talk about those underwear. Only in a porn shoot could a pair of underwear like that be so sexy. I love the way his big meaty dick flops around in them. And when The Tank finally releases his tool, well, I think I gasped a little when I first saw it. Not only is it a huge dick, but it’s a good-looking cock. His shaft is massively thick and his cock head is plump and flared; and his whole package hangs heavily between his legs. The Tank keeps his pubes trimmed nicely and his balls are shaved – nothing standing between your tongue and his balls. Head over to The Finest Black Men and check out the wonderful collection of sexy, Ebony hunks and muscle men.

Black Muscle Man in See Through Underwear

Muscle Hunk Holding Huge Black Cock

Muscle Hunk with Big Erection

Muscular Black Man with Big Meaty Dick

Black Muscle Man Flexing Arm

Black Muscle Hunk Flexing Arms Above Head

I saved the best for last: Look at those beautiful ripped abs, can’t you imagine them covered in a creamy load of cum? I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I didn’t get any cumshots in this package of photos. Oh well, sometimes it’s hotter to use our imaginations.



  2. I would like to milk him through his jockstrap and make him shoot his load down my throat.

  3. Show that azz

  4. would tank make my dream come true??

  5. Im bi curious. Not curious anymore. My so called straight cock is rock hard. Would luv to play with and suck that thick black cock!!! i would let him stretch my virgin ass.

  6. i want him to fuk the shit out me he’s sexy as hell i’ll do WHAT EVER he wants me to do

  7. You are one fine sexy black man , omg ….. your is so sexy god I could be in between your legs all day and all night long wow not even come up for air god …. sexy ….

  8. hey there u r sexxxy as hell … i wish u lived in the philadelphia area. i would love to get with u… dammmn sexxxy


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  10. i wonder is he of this planet so rock thick alone equal to 10 hunks sex

  11. hey anybody have such dick check me out

  12. Ellsworth M Rhodes

    I have seen him in a magazine display-I think he looks just incredible-He is not the best looking-But, that makes him look even better-Excellent choice of personality-Glad he is well developed-Glad he is a stud-He should have a little more display-E-mail me with his other displays if you know of them-The websites may have other works-I’ll check-I believe he was in Black Inches Magazine if I’m not mistakened-I’ll recheck on that too-Ask hime to E-mail me-EMR

  13. Mr. Tank i like to suck your cock anyway you like me to do. And make love with you all night.


  15. Would love to be in bed with this stud kissing deeply while I stroke his large manhood to attention Mmm.mm what a hunk

  16. OMG what a sexy man. Please please can I have him for a night my hubbie can watch us Mmmmmmm

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  18. My what a hot muscular body, God I want to spend a night with him. As for his package very nice. Rachel

  19. Checked a few more hung black guys and this hunk is still the most sexy and gorgeous. I have some real sexy dreams of sucking his big manhood. I just love the way it looks in front of his muscular thighs Mmmmmmm

  20. I would love to have you on my bed and give you the full treatment.

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  22. I just want him for one night. all that chocolate in one piece. my teeth ache.

  23. Still the best blessed hunk on here. Please come to the UK my bed awaits you and my hands want to be all over your gorgeous hunky body. Mmmm and to suck your divine manhood oh yeah.

  24. You are one of the finest looking men I have ever seen so muscular and a big black cock too total package

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