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British Boy’s Big Dick

Cute British Guy Barechested

I do have a bit of a thing for British boys, partially because I love uncut dicks and most of them are sporting foreskin. But I also love listening to their British accents; they always sound so proper, even when they’re talking dirty. Jason O’Connor is a sexy English lad, he’s bisexual, and he looks like a bit of bad boy – and look at that whoppingly big dick! Scroll down and see more of this horny British boy jerking his big dick.

British Boy Holding Huge Cock in Underwear

Guy Slipping Off Underwear Showing Big Cock

Smooth Guy Holding Big Dick

Guy Sliding Foreskin Over Big Dick

British Boy Jerking Big Uncut Dick

Close-up of Big Uncut Dick

British Boy with Cum on Abs

Jason starts off his jerk-off session at Hard Brit Lads wearing a vest and grey trackies (or track pants as well call them on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean). This cute British boy lifts his shirt and reveals his perfect six-pack abs, tanned body, and dark nipples. He rubs his nipples and then starts groping the huge bulge in his pants. By the time he sheds them and slides down his boxer briefs, his big dick is rock hard. What a perfect cock – 8 inches, uncut, and quite attractive with everything in proportion. This British guy keeps his pubes natural and they’re golden brown, almost blond. He strokes his hard cock, gently sliding his foreskin over his cock head.

Jason sits back on the sofa and jerks his big dick methodically and with intention. When his nut starts building from his balls, he speeds up his stroking, and then shoots a very nice load onto his tight six packs. Eight or nine pearl-sized drops of gooey jizz cover his lightly-haired abs – its so deliciously hot!

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