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Taking 10 Inches

Licking Black Guy's Balls

Tyler is a hot, black guy who is blessed with a 10-inch dick. Well, I’m not so sure “blessed” is the right word because in my experience there aren’t a lot of cocksuckers out there who can service a dick that big. Whether they’re deepthroating or taking 10 inches up the ass, it’s a monumental task. I took a 10-inch dick up my ass once during a trip to Las Vegas, but it took Darnell about 15 minutes and a lot of patience to stuff his huge dick balls deep into my ass. Cute British guy Sonny is trying his best in this new video from Hard Brit Lads. He struggles to stuff Tyler’s huge, thick cock down his throat, but only seems to be able to manage about half of it. Scroll down and see how Sonny does taking those 10 inches up his butt.

Sucking 10-Inch Dick

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Guy Taking 10 Inches in Locker Room

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After watching Sonny slobber all over his big dick, Tyler lays the young guy back on a bench in the locker room. Tyler ever so slowly inches his oversized fuck poll into Sonny’s tight butt hole. And the slow approach seems to work best as Sonny’s ass stretches to accommodate Tyler’s massive meat. He pounds this poor boy silly until Sonny’s hunger for cum gets the best of him. Sonny gets down on his knees and Tyler jerks off all over his face. With Tyler’s big, creamy cumload dripping down his face and chest, Sonny looks up approvingly at this well-hung black stud as if to say, “Thanks! I needed that!” Don’t we all, Sonny, don’t we all?


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