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Paulo Massa’s Monster Dick

Paulo Massa's Huge Cock

I first introduced you to Paulo Masso and his monster dick here at Big Dick Hunt in World’s Biggest Cock where he tried to bury that huge submarine in a bubble bath. And now Paulo Masso is back on Bentley Race for another look at that huge dick. It’s so impressive and really gets a cocksucker like me revved up at the thoughts of being down on my knees and slobbering all over it. It’s 9 inches long and 7.5 inches around. Good lord, I’m not even sure I could handle it. And I’m not ashamed to say that I just measured a can of soda – it’s 8.25 inches around – and I tried putting it in my mouth; and it didn’t fit. Massa’s big cock has a little less girth than a soda can, but still, what’s half an inch when your mouth is already unhinged and struggling to suck such a monstrously huge dick?

Paulo’s Italian and Brazilian background has mingled the best of both cultures: the swarthy, Italian good looks and the Brazilian monster-dick gene. I know what they say about black men – and maybe they do have the longest cocks – but it’s been my experience that the Brazilians have black men beat in the girth department. Paula Massa is just another example of how Brazilian men have some of the fattest cocks on the planet.

Paula Massa is planning a career in gay porn, and he’s going to do well, especially if he gets in the hands of the right producer. I can wait to see cocksuckers trying to wrap their lips around this monster dick. But even more, I’m looking forward to watch some cock-hungry bottom struggling to stuff this huge piece of meat up his ass. Wow! That’s going to be something to see!

While in Europe recently, Bentley Race had the pleasure of filming Paula Massa’s huge cock. “I didn’t actually get to measure the giant cock swinging between his legs, but I can tell you that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth!” Bentley Race said. (I found Massa’s cock stats online.) Paulo is very proud of his dick and should be. And until Paulo gets his own porn site up, you can head over to Bentley Race and have another look at this thing.


  1. I will try to swallow it down to your balls, and have a go at that hot ass.

  2. I just love Big Dicks especially Latin and Black guys. I could suck on them for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. someone sent me a picture of Paulo as a joke … I have to be honest, and I don’t look at guys, but he has a Big Dick

  4. I just want to hold it …

  5. dude really does have the U G L I E S T dick i’ve ever seen.

  6. La concha de patricia

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