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River of Cum

Anal Sex with Cum Facial

Seth Fisher is a sexy, hairy otter and he’s packing a huge cock. Glen Woods is a hot, blond bearded stud who can take a deep ass pounding. Neither one is a stranger to Dirty Tony, they’ve each filmed with the gay porn site before. And the fun part is that they’re both straight, or mostly straight I guess. They spend some time lying back on the bed and talking about dance music and even what they like about women. Then Glen reaches over and gropes Seth’s stiffening and gigantic dick tenting in his jeans.

Glen finally unleashes that monster dick from Seth’s jeans and moves in to swallow it, but not before looking into the camera and showing us how impressed he is with Seth’s long meat stick. I’m jealous because this is one awesome cock – long and meaty, and when soft it hangs heavily between Seth’s legs. Seth grabs his dick and slaps Glen’s mouth repeatedly, then Glen opens wide and starts swallowing and swallowing.

Glen’s mouth is pushed to it’s limits, but he does pretty good for a straight guy. Glen lies on his stomach and slides his jeans and underwear down around his thighs. He’s got a beautifully beefy ass with a hairy ass crack. I would have loved to see Seth spread those cheeks and dive in with his tongue. Seth still hasn’t removed his jeans (they’re down around his thighs, too) and he slaps his stiffening cock against Glen’s hot ass. When he’s hard, Seth spreads that fuckable ass and starts inching his huge dick into that sweet bubble butt. Glen’s ass is really tight – he’s straight remember? – but Seth eventually rams his hard cock deep inside this bottom’s ass. Glen yelps out and grimaces. Seth grows tired of pushing Glen’s hands away from his ass. So Seth grabs Glen’s belt and wraps it around his hands, tying them behind his back. Now he fucks Glen’s ass with abandon and Glen can’t do anything except lie there and grunt and groan under this anal assault.

Seth rolls Glen over, hoists the blond’s legs, and pounds his ass some more. And when he’s had enough, Seth straddles Glen’s head and lets loose with a river of cum all over Glen’s face. The first blast hits Glen in the eye, the second splashes across Glen’s moustache, the third hits Glen’s beard. While Seth continues to pump out his big load, a stream of cum slides across Glen’s face, down past his ear, and dribbles onto the sheets. Fuck! That’s so hot.


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