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Well-Hung College Stud

Well-hung College Guy Jerks Off

This well-hung college stud is doing his first jerk-off session on Straight Fraternity. Cris is 23 years old and good-looking with pouty, kissable lips. He’s got a strong and well-built body and he looks very sexy sitting in his Calvin Kleins. He teases us a bit at first, pressing his hands against his stiffening bulging, outlining his cock and showing us how big it is.

And when he strips out of his underwear, his big dick is a nice sight. It’s long, a little on the meaty side, and crowned with a perfectly pink cock head. This college stud looks right into the camera as he’s stroking and really seems to be getting off on all the attention.

When Cris blasts his load, it streams out of his cock, flies through the air, and splatters all over the back of the sofa – all of this from a lying down position. How impressive! Straight Fraternity is going to have to steam clean that couch!

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