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Fucked by 9.25 Inches

stud fucked by muscle man with 9.25 inch cock

Dalton is a mountain of muscle. He stands 6’4″ and weighs 215 pounds. And when he showed up at Corbin Fisher to jerk his 9.25-inch cock, I was hoping – praying, practically begging – that Corbin Fisher would hook this muscle stud up some one of their cock-hungry bottoms for a hot fuck scene. My wish was granted.

Travis is one of Corbin Fisher‘s regular bottoms. He’s been fucked by a lot of guys on the site, and he’s ushered more than a couple of virgin straight guys into their first gay-on-guy ass fucking. Travis has heard that Dalton was huge, both in body and dick, but he’s not worried, he’s always up for a big challenge.

Travis starts off this scene admiring Dalton’s muscles, rubbing them, kissing them, and licking them. Then he unbuttons Dalton’s jeans and unleashes his monster cock. “Corbin wasn’t lying,” Travis says as he hauls out Dalton’s 9-inch-plus dick. And as he started to suck it he paused to say, “Holy shit! It just keeps growing!”

Travis holds their cocks together in his hand and compares the difference in size and then he says, “I can’t wait any longer, I gotta ride this thing, buddy.” And there’s no better way to get used to a huge cock than to sit on it. Watching Travis slide down those 9 inches is breathtaking. As Travis rides that huge dick, Dalton starts thrusting upwards, all the while Travis can’t stop saying how big Dalton’s dick is.

Travis gets down on all fours and he takes Dalton doggy style. This massive muscle man grabs Travis by the shoulders to pull him back on his monster cock. The hard and deep thrusting sends Travis over the edge and he sprays his load of cum all over the bedspread. Dalton takes his cue and pulls out and his cock explodes all over Travis’ ass.

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