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Opposites Attract

bodybuilder with small cock gets fucked by huge dick

This post is definitely an example of how sometimes opposites attract. The Rock is a bodybuilder with a pretty nice muscled body. He’s got a hot, beefy round butt with a hairy ass crack and he loves getting fucked. And that’s a good thing because he’s got a pretty small cock.

It’s Gonna Hurt recently paired him up with Castro Supreme, who has a huge dick. It’s 12 inches long, 7 inches around, and weighs in at nearly 10 pounds. (Check out the video on It’s Gonna Hurt where they actually weigh this thing.)

The Rock does his best to swallow as much as Castro’s monstrous cock as he can, but stuffing a 12-inch dick down your throat isn’t the easiest thing to do. This cocksucker manages maybe a third of it. But he does a lot better with his ass.

This bodybuilder gets down on all fours and Castro Supreme starts inching his meat into The Rock’s beautiful ass. Castro keeps pushing and I’m surprised at how much of Castro’s meat The Rock is able to take. A lot of the guys on It’s Gonna Hurt talk a good talk, but few of them are able to take Castro’s whole 12 inches.

The Rock rolls over onto his side and Castro slides in behind him and they go for the whole thing. And doesn’t The Rock manage to take all of Castro’s cock – balls deep. Impressive! The funny thing is that the look at The Rock’s face doesn’t live up to the site’s It’s Gonna Hurt moniker. It doesn’t look The Rock is struggling one bit. I guess this bodybuilder has had a lot of practice getting his ass boned.

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