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Servicing a 9-Inch Dick

brock russell servicing a 9-inch dick

Brock Russell is one of my favourite men over at Extra Big Dicks. He’s been on the big cock porn site quite a number of times, and I guess that’s because he’s good at what he does – servicing big dicks. And in this episode, Russell is working with an EBD virgin. Kris Anderson is 26 years old and he’s packing a 9-inch dick.

Kris and Brock start making out, kissing and stripping off one another’s clothes. When Kris slips off his jeans, he’s tenting in his shorts and Brock’s very interested. He teases and licks Kris’ cock and it dances hoping for more attention. Brock opens wide and slides Kris’ huge dick down his throat. He steadies it with both hands as he fucks his own mouth with it.

Brock lies back and Kris takes his turn scratching the itch in the back of his throat. Brock Russell’s dick is a couple of inches shorter than Kris’, but it’s still a nice dick. And soon Brock is mounting Kris and fucking his throat. Kris’ own hard tool is sticking straight up in the air – what a hot sight!

Then Brock pulls his dick out of Kris’ mouth so they can kiss. As Brock slides backwards, his butt bumps into Kris’ rock hard cock. Kris starts sliding his stiff fuck pole between Brock’s beautiful round ass cheeks. Kris’ dick slips easily across Brock’s smooth butt hole.

Brock lubes up and slowly slides this 9-inch dick inside his puckered asshole. And it’s not long before this huge dong is buried deep inside Brock’s ass. Kris grabs two fists full of ass flesh and encourages this bald bottom to start bouncing on his cock.

A few more positions, including some doggy style, and Brock is saying, “It’s so fucking big.” Brock’s ass is stretched to its max and Kris’ huge, low-hanging balls are slapping his ass. The guys land on the couch in some missionary fucking and Brock is jerking his cock. He’s just about had enough and after a couple of minutes of pounding, Brock Russell starts spewing his load across his belly. Kris continues drilling Russell’s ass until he’s finished pumping out his load, then Kris pulls out and splatters his cum load across Brock’s cum-soaked abs.

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