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Tattooed & Hung

tattooed hung stud with big cock

Eduardo Rodriguez is sitting on the Dirty Tony casting couch today. A lot of gay porn producers likes to try guys out in solo jerk-off sessions before they go to all of the expense and bother of setting up a duo. It’s a pain when you’ve gone through numerous phone calls and e-mails to co-ordinate schedules just to find out that a guy can’t perform when the cameras are rolling.

But in Eduardo’s case, this first-time, jerk-off session is really just the excuse to get him into the studio, to get him hooked on the adrenaline of showing off for the cameras, to give him the idea that he can put a few hundred in his pocket. This is all just a prelude to get this horny Latino stud back in the studio another day and let some cocksucker slobber all over his dick, or if I know Dirty Tony, he’ll offer Eduardo a heap of cash to let some dude fuck his ass.

Eduardo talks at the beginning of his video about all the married women he’s fucked in their homes when their husbands are away on business. Eduardo and his older brother are always trolling the clubs looking for women, and Eduardo’s brother constantly reminds him that he’s up for some tag-team fucking any time.

Eduardo finally unzips and busts out his big dick, and it’s a nice one. It’s thick, has a slight curve to it, and he’s packing a healthy set of balls, too. He lies back on the bed and slowly strokes his thick tool, it’s already leaking precum. I wonder if Eduardo knows what he’s getting himself into. He might think he’s here just to jerk off, but eventually Dirty Tony always gets his guys to go further. Eduardo is going to be boning some guy in the weeks ahead, mark my words.

This tattooed Latino stud gets on his knees and really thrusts his hips out so we get the full view of his beautiful cock. He even rears the camera and bends over and shows us his virgin straight guy butt hole. Watch out, Eduardo, you might not be a virgin for long.

Then Eduardo settles back in a comfortable chair and throttles his hard dick in his fist. He jerks with intention until his cock explodes and several squirts of creamy cum fly all over his tattooed stomach and chest.

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  1. If he could have tattooed in his cock, would be nice and hot!

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