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Long-haired Hawaiian Guy

long-haired hawaiian guy with big dick

Solomon is a Hawaiian guy who works in Honolulu for a construction company. He’s 20 years old and his huge uncut cock is very impressive. Solomon is part Hawaiian and part Latino, and I’m thinking this monster dick came from the Latino side of his gene pool. I find that so many Latino guys are very well hung.

A while back this long-haired Hawaiian guy jerked his 10-inch cock for Island Studs and he was eager for another go. He arrived wearing his work clothes and he brought his tool belt; he was actually going to make a jerk-off video before heading off to work!

Typically Hawaiian, Solomon’s upper body is completely smooth, but he’s got very bushy pubes. Solomon is comfortable with his nudity and loves being outdoors and letting his long, meaty, uncut cock swing between his legs. He’s wearing only his tool belt and construction boots and this lets us see his heavy cock hanging impressively.

Solomon has longish hair that spikes all over his head, looking more like a bushy mane than hair. And he’s wearing a patch of long chin scruff. Solomon finally settles in to masturbating and he really enjoys being watched by the camera. And who wouldn’t? If I had a 10-inch monster cock, I’d be swinging it proudly in front of the camera.

This horny Hawaiian strokes his big tool and bites his lip with pleasure. His small and tight body makes his monster meat look even bigger. He continues stroking his dick and even plays with his foreskin. Solomon’s big, heavy balls bounce and slap against his leg and he pumps his dick. Then he finally unloads a spray of cum that splatters all over the ground around his feet.

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