Tim Kruger

tim kruger

Tim Kruger is a well-hung, German man who got his start in the gay porn business back in 2007. His first gig was with Raging Stallion Studios and he appeared in a video called Bang That Ass. Later in 2007, he made a second film with Raging Stallion called Man Island.

I remember when Bang That Ass came out and I saw Tim Kruger for the first time, I thought he was such a good-looking man and I loved his lean and hairy body. Of course I was quite smitten with in 9-inch, uncut cock, too. And I was impressed that his scene partner was able to stuff Kruger’s big dick up his ass with little problem.

Tim Kruger went on to make a few more gay sex videos with Lucas Entertainment, Club Inferno (Hot House), Cazzo Films, and others; all totaled Kruger has made about 25 gay porn videos.

But then Kruger chose a different route for his gay porn career, and together with his partner, Grobes Geraet, he started his own gay porn site called Tim Tales.

Tim Tales has become hugely popular and not only features Tim Kruger in sizzling gay sex scenes, but Kruger brings in hot men from all over Europe to film scenes. Sometimes Kruger gets into the action, but not always.

Tim Tales features an eclectic selection of men from hairy muscle men to skinny geeky guys. Tim loves black men, too, so there are quite a few well-hung black men on the site. There are young guys in their twenties and some other men who are in their thirties and forties. But one thing that most of them have in common is that they’re packing big dicks or they’re cock-hungry bottoms who can take a really big dick. And since most of these men are European, you can look forward to lots of uncut cock.

Aside from Tim Tales, you can find some of Tim Kruger’s video appearances on Rear Stable and Hairy Boyz, two Raging Stallion sites.


  1. I sure do like it

  2. ola tim custumo ver o seu sites e adoro os passivos pela cara deles parece que estão felizes por levarem com aqueles galos emormes por é que seu site e diferente dos outros se eu fosse mais novo tambem gostaria de tornar um homem timtales para poder levar com aqueles galos emormes e mamar neles muito obrigado por teres omelhor site

  3. Tim.. You’re so hoooot. Men..love you…hope meet u someday ..

  4. you’re so hot tim i got horny while watching you … i wish i could be your next model

  5. Hallo Tim. Ich wollte nach DE im Sommer. Wo wohnst du genau? Koennen wir uns mal treffen? Bin sehr Huebsch und Freundlich. Schick mir eine Nachricht bitte.

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