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Harley Everett

harley everettharley everett's big-nobbed cock

I love sucking cock and Harley Everett has a beautiful dick. I’m particularly fond of that large mushroom head. God, can you imagine wrapping your lips around that bulbous head? Everett’s cock is the kind of dick that inspires a long, slow blowjob.

Harley Everett himself is a fine specimen of man. He towers at 6’4″ and he’s a mountain of muscle with broad shoulders, enormous pecs, and huge bulging biceps. He’s a bit out of place at Hard Brit Lads because while he’s hard and British, he’s anything but a lad. But Hard Brit Lads is well known for featuring very well-hung guys, so Harley is certainly at home there.

Everett’s jerk-off video starts with an interview where he talks about bodybuilding regime and his tattoos. Harley comes across as an intelligent man and while he’s soulful and passionate. His deep voice and Yorkshire accent alone will get the cock stirring in your shorts. It’s so sexy!

After his interview, Harley Everett pours some oil on his hands and starts rubbing those plump, strong pecs. He strips down to his white shorts and teases us with the thick throbbing piece of meat bulging in his white boxers. Even through the fabric you can clearly see this muscle stud’s cock is crowned with a huge mushroom head.

When Harley finally reveals his cock, it’s covered in foreskin. He peels back his skin and his bulbous cock head is glistening with sweat and precum. He lubes his cock and starts stroking it slowly. He works his foreskin sliding in back and forth across his mushroom head. With his other hand he pulls on his balls and this really turns him on and makes his stiff cock bulge even bigger.

Harley picks up the pace and jerks his big cock even harder and eventually he spews a nice big load of cum for us. I love the pictures up top of his bulbous cock head covered in spunk. God, I wish I were there to lick it off.

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  1. OMG! No words… 😛

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