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Well-Hung Bald Man Gets Head – New York Straight Men

sucking bald man's big cock

I love sucking dick – I adore it. And this bald straight man has a beautifully thick dick worthy of a long, slow blowjob. That’s the only way to suck off a guy, isn’t it? And Marco is a dirty talker, giving this cocksucker instructions on how he likes his meat sucked.

Marco doesn’t have the biggest cock here on Big Dick Hunt, but he is well hung. And as far as I’m concerned he’s got the perfectly-sized dick for sucking. It’s about eight inches long, but it’s a meaty fucker. Sometimes I find huge cocks are more of a chore, feel like you’re going to sprain a lip or something.

As far as men are concerned, this bald Spanish man is right up my alley. He’s ruggedly handsome with a sexy square jaw and he hasn’t shaved for a couple of days, so his face is covered in dark scruff. His body is rock hard and he’s got a nice, furry chest. His pubes are bushy, but not too unruly and even his ass crack has a hot trail of fur running through it.

bald man gets head

I really got turned on watching this New York Straight Man cocksucker working over Marco’s dick because it reminded me of a blowjob I gave the other night. Cruising one of the online hook-up sites, I was invited over to suck a beefy, bald man’s dick. He wasn’t as well hung as Marco, but he was big enough.

This hairy man sat back on his couch with me kneeling between his legs and he let me work my magic. He was a bit of a talker like Marco and told me how much he enjoyed my mouth. He asked me to rub my hairy chest against his smooth balls while I bobbed on his cock, and when I did, he gasped. I teased him like this, deep throating his dick and every couple of minutes rubbing my furry chest against his balls, and it wasn’t long before he was shooting his load.

When Marco feels his cum load surging up from his balls, he lies back on the leather sofa with his legs spread and his puckered butt hole exposed. Trey is sucking his big cock like it’s the last dick on earth, and then this sexy bald man unloads all over Trey’s face. What a turn-on seeing Marco’s creamy spunk sliding down Trey’s cheek!

bald man shooting his cumload

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