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Gabriel Clark Fucks Ass – Cocky Boys

gabriel clark

Gabriel Clark is a hot, young guy. With steamy good looks and come-fuck-me eyes, this stud couldn’t get any hotter. He’s 25 years old, stands 5’9″, and packs a juicy, 8-inch cock. And he’s exclusively featured on Cocky Boys. And he’s fucking Andrew Elliot’s ass in this scene called Double Stuffed.

sucking gabriel clark's cock

Gabriel Clark is showing Andrew Elliot some fighting moves. I really enjoyed this opening scene because we get to hear Gabriel Clark’s voice in a natural setting. He seems like a nice guy and has a strong, masculine voice. He’s easy going and encouraging as he shows Andrew Elliot how to throw a kick.

Andrew Elliot is a big-dicked bottom and when Clark grabs his ass and slaps it, the fun really begins. Andrew can’t wait to feel Clark’s big, 8-inch cock pumping his ass, but he takes some time to slobbering all over this nice tool. And Gabriel Clark really gives it to this young cocksucker. He holds his head and throat fucks him, then he puts Elliot on the floor, straddles him, and face fucks him some more.

Elliot has a beautiful ass. He lies down on the floor and Clark starts fingering his butt hole. Elliot has a furry pair of legs, but his ass is mostly smooth. He’s also got a healthy pair of bull balls that sit on the floor while Gabriel gets into some heavy butt play. First Gabriel tools Elliot’s ass with a big dildo.

When Elliot’s ass is warmed up, Gabriel Clark slides his own big dock inside Elliot’s ass and gives him a vigorous fuck. Clark bends Elliot over a bench and fucks him hard, then they do some missionary; and finally, Elliot hops up and rides Clark cock. This young bottom fucks Clark’s big cock until he spews his load all over Clark’s body. Then Clark jerks his own cock and sends a thick load of spunk jizzing all over his tight abs.

gabriel clark fucking ass

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