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Riding a 9-Inch Bone – Extra Big Dicks

9 inch cock

Joe Parker is 31 years old and he has a 9-inch cock. I guess they grow ’em big up in New Jersey. He’s got a tight and well-defined body and he likes to fuck ass. Dalton is ten years Joe’s junior and he hails from the Midwest – Chicago.

Joe and Dalton get right down to business with a heavy make-out session. Dalton knows what’s in Joe’s pants, this is Extra Big Dicks after all, and he can’t wait to see it. Dalton kneels and slides Joe’s underwear down his legs, and when Joe’s big cock falls out, he just looks down at Dalton and says, “You like that?”

Joe sits back on the sofa and lets this cocksucker worship his 9-inch cock. Dalton slides it as far down his throat as he can and Joe’s just smiling and enjoying the view. But Joe’s not a complete do-me queen, he eventually gets off the sofa and wraps his lips around Dalton’s cock.

By the time Joe is finished blowing Dalton, his cock is raring to go. They lie on the couch together, spooning, and Dalton backs onto his hard fuck stick. Joe pushes slowly and his cock slides all the way in. After warming up Dalton’s butt hole, Joe really wants to do some pounding and thrusting, so he puts his buddy down on all fours on the floor and fucks him hard.

The guys end up back on the couch with Joe sitting back and Dalton riding that bone like he just put a nickel in the pony ride at the grocery store. Dalton’s enthusiastic thrusting gets Joe’s balls close to unloading, so Dalton hops off and watches as Joe’s cock shoots out a nice stream of spunk all over his belly.

Spent, Joe leaves Dalton on the couch to take care of himself and hops in the shower. Hmmm … I guess having a big dick doesn’t exclude you from being one.

9 inch cock


  1. If that’s 9inches mine is 10 foot.

  2. Yeah, I thought the same thing, but I have to go with what these sites put out. But perhaps I should have editorialized a bit. Oh well, Joe does have a nice dick whether it’s 8 or 9 inches.

  3. I wish they could fuck my tight horny ass!

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