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Big-Dicked Bulgarian Barebacking – Tim Tales

bulgarian with big dick barebacking

I had a surfer of Big Dick Hunt take me to task on Alexey in Big Bulgarian Dick. He thought I was too harsh on Alexey when I said he wasn’t very good looking. Fair enough, not every rose looks beautiful to every gardener. But regardless, I never meant to imply that I wouldn’t be down on all fours and begging this super-hung stud to stuff his big, Bulgarian cock up my ass. He’s got a beautifully large, uncut penis, who could say “no” to that?

Alexey is back on Tim Tales in another ass-pounding bareback scene with an Italian stud named Riccardo. I love the pictures where Alexey is lining up his huge Bulgarian cock against Riccardo’s cock-hungry butt hole. God, the tension is hot. Can this Italian bottom take that big tool? Or will he whimp out? And the look of anticipation on Riccardo’s face is a big turn-on. We’ve all been there and we know how Riccardo’s going to feel in another second or two.

big dicked bulgarian bareback fucking

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