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Brenn Wyson Fucks Dean Tucker

brenn wyson and dean tucker

Dean Tucker is one of my favourite bottoms. He’s good looking, has a beautiful butt, and he can take a hard ass fucking. Tucker is versatile, but he prefers to bottom. In this scene from Extra Big Dicks he’s getting porked by Brenn Wyson, an Alabama boy with a southern twang and a big wang. And Brenn likes to fuck aggressively. “I don’t ask ‘Can you take it?’ I just give it!” And Dean Tucker doesn’t complain, well he does grunt and groan a lot.

The guys start to kiss and Dean manhandles Brenn’s crotch to feel what’s in store for his ass. After wrapping his lips around Brenn’s meat and getting it good and hard, they get into some 69 cock sucking with Brenn on top. He thrusts his 8.5 inches down Dean’s greedy throat. After opening up Dean’s mouth, Brenn stands, grabs the cocksucker by the hair, and barks, “Suck that fuckin’ dick.” He pushes Dean down hard on his dick and leans across his back and fingers the bottom’s hungry asshole.

Dean’s whimpers and Brenn spit lubes his ass and slides his rock-hard cock into Dean’s fuck hole. There’s no easing into it, Brenn just starts pounding Dean’s butt hole. Dean grunts and groans, then he’s pushed into some doggy style and Brenn gets even rougher. “Tear that hole up!” Dean begs and Brenn rams him hard.

After a few more position changes Dean ends up sitting on Brenn’s big fuck rod. While thrusting up into Dean’s manhole, Brenn jerks the bottom’s cock and fucks a thick load of cum out of him. But Brenn isn’t done with him. His well-fucked hole is jack hammered some more until Brenn is ready to spunk and finally explodes all over Tucker, leaving the exhausted bottom a cum-soaked mess.

brenn wyson fucks dean tucker's ass

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