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Well-Hung Tattooed Guy – Island Studs

well-hung tattooed guy

Knox doesn’t have the biggest cock in the world, not especially after gazing on the likes of Mario Costa and his 11-inch monster dick. But I’m not a size queen, and truth be told, I prefer a cock with girth over the long ones. Besides this construction worker triggers another one of my kinks – tattoos. I love guys with lots of ink.

Knox was raised to be a good Catholic boy. But I guess it didn’t take since he’s inked beyond belief and he’s jerking his fat dick for a gay porn site. He does have a cross on his chest and a big pair of praying hands holding a rosary with “In God’s Hands” underneath, so maybe he is a good Catholic boy. I sure wouldn’t mind finding out in the confessional. Will I burn in hell if I admit that sucking this inked guy’s bone in a confessional would be very hot?

In is jerk-off video with Island Studs, Knox spends some time walking around the garden with his thick donkey dick swinging between his legs. “I love to be naked,” Knox says after taking a piss in the garden. Knox does some shoveling in the hot, Hawaiian sun. Watching his low hanging balls heavily swinging is just as much a turn-on as his big meat. He takes a break and has a smoke. Sitting in a chair with all his chunk right out in our face, Knox talks about the kinds of women he likes to fuck.

Knox teases us further while floating on a raft in the pool … he spreads his butt cheeks wide and gives us a look at his puckered, pink butt hole. Unlike a lot of straight guys, Knox is a moaner, so when he’s stroking his fat meat, there’s little doubt that he’s enjoying himself. He likes to jack with one hand and pull on his low hangers with the other. And of course you’re going to love watching him pumping out a load of thick spunk!

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