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Blindfolded & Sucked Off – Chaos Men Edge Video

sucking straight guy's dick

Sexy, Bearded Straight Guy is Blindfolded and Blown in this Hot Edge Video. Click Photo to See Free Preview.

Sexy and bearded Allen only filmed his first Chaos Men video two weeks ago. You guys seemed to like him when I blogged about him in Straight Guys and their Butts, so I’m guessing you’ll be happy to see him blindfolded and sitting in the Chaos Men “edge” chair.

As I mentioned in that last post, Allen identifies as straight, but he has played with guys before; and in his first jerk-off video he fucked his own ass with a vibrator. So this straight guy is pretty open minded. I’m guessing it wasn’t too hard for him to get tied up, blindfolded, and blown by another guy. I’m not sure what the head phones are all about, but I know that most of the Chaos Men guys who are getting serviced in this series of videos wear head phones. I don’t know whether they’re playing music or the soundtrack from a straight porn to distract these guys from the idea that there’s a guy bobbing on their cock.

sucking straight guy's dick

Chaos Men couldn’t have picked a better cocksucker to give this straight dude his first on-camera blowjob. Kristopher has appeared in nearly 20 videos on this gay porn site and he’s sucked quite a few dicks, even gotten fucked, and fucked some guys, too. So he’s quite experienced and by now he knows how to give head. He seems to like Allen’s balls because he spends quite a bit of time licking them.

After slobbering all over Allen’s bone for a good while, Kristopher puts this blindfolded guy out of his misery and jacks him off. I’m sure Allen would have preferred to cum down this cocksucker’s throat, but what would the fun of that, we wouldn’t get to see the big load of cum Allen shoots all over his ripped abs. Can’t wait to see this well-hung dude back fucking some ass, and of course, if I know Chaos Men, you don’t get to fuck butt unless you’re willing to take a bone, too. I’ll keep you posted.

sucking straight guy's dick

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