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Cliff Jensen at the Glory Hole – Str8 to Gay

cliff jensen getting head at a glory hole

Cliff Jensen always reminds me of one of those nasty fuckers who’d knock the books out of your hand at school and call you a “faggot.” He’s just got that nasty look about him, but in a good I-want-you-to-ram-your-big-dick-down-my-throat-and-call-me-your-cock-pig kind of way. And now that I’m all grown up and can take care of myself, I’m not opposed to getting it on with a nasty guy who wants to call me names, make me suck his cock, and even spit on my face. And I’ve seen Cliff Jensen in action quit a bit over on Drill My Hole, so I know he’s up for that kind of thing.

In this scene from Str8 to Gay, Tyler Sweet and Cliff Jensen are class mates and Tyler thinks Cliff is just too good looking not to be gay. Tyler’s best friend Sarah is convinced Cliff is straight. So they head off to a glory hole where Tyler know Cliff frequents.

Now I used to be a big-time glory hole slut, I loved getting a room at the baths, closing the room door, and opening up my glory hole. If the dick was big and nice-looking enough, I’d suck it. I mean I’m not a total troll, I’d watch through the glory hole to see who was approaching. But even if the guy is ugly, I might still suck his cock if it was a nice big one. I get really turned on hearing the guy moaning and groaning on the other side, and of course there’s the thrill that the guy you’re blowing has no idea who you are. And if you’ve seen him approaching the hole, you could smile at him in line at Starbucks the next day and he’d never know why. That’s kinda hot.

Sitting on the toilet and spying through the glory hole, Tyler sees Jensen enter the washroom, and after a few seconds, Cliff approaches the hole. He hauls out his big piece of meat and stuffs it through the glory hole and Tyler gets to work on it. Cliff wants a whole lot more than a blowjob, so he forces his way into the stall where young Tyler Sweet is sitting on the toilet and he brutalizes his tight butt hole.

Tyler is such a small guy and his butt is tiny. I’m pretty turned on seeing how much Cliff Jensen’s big, thick cock stretches out this boy hole. It’s fucking hot!

glory hole sex

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