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Diesel Washington Pounds David Chase – Drill My Hole

diesel washington fucks david chase's ass

Sometimes you get what you ask for and sometimes you wish you hadn’t asked. David Chase and Diesel Washington are sitting in the sauna in their towels in this Drill My Hole video. Chase can see Diesel’s huge cock bulging under his towel – how can you miss it? Diesel Washington is one monstrously hung man. Chase is feeling brave today, so he asks if Diesel can fuck him rough.

David Chase popped up on my radar a couple of years ago. I love hairy men and bald men, so Chase grabs my attention on two accounts. It doesn’t hurt that he’s swinging a big piece of meat between his legs. And Chase has beefed up quite a bit since I first started seeing him in gay porn. He used to have more a belly and his ass was a lot meatier. Not that I was complaining, he’s quite a hot hairy bear whether he’s packing an extra 20 pounds or not.

I’ve been watching Diesel Washington since his Titan Men days when he worked for the studio as an exclusive. But it’s been a couple of years since Washington left Titan Men and he’s been freelancing, as it were. And this week he’s hitting Drill My Hole and giving David Chase a rough and hard fuck in the steam room.

diesel washington fucks david chase's ass

When Chase leans over to get a mouthful of Washington’s 10-inch, black dick, Washington grabs the bear’s head and pushes it right down on his meat. Chase gags and sputters, but he’s hungry for cock, so he takes it like a man.

Chase leans over the ledge in the stream room and pushes his ass out towards Diesel, who starts inching his monster cock into this bear’s butt hole. But it’s so big that Chase has to hike his foot up onto the ledge to give Washington some more maneuvering room. And take a look at those big feet of David’s … what a pair of boats on this bald bear!

After sitting on Diesel’s cock and riding it, David just needs a break. So he lies back and let’s Washington do all the work. Diesel pounding this bear’s fuck hole until he’s ready to splooge, then he jerks off and sprays a creamy load of jizz all over David’s hairy belly. David pumps his dick along with Diesel and adds to his already cum-soaked belly. It’s a delicious mess!

diesel washington fucks david chase's ass

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