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Dominus – Josh West & Angelo Marconi

josh west and angelo marconi dominus

If you’ve spent any time here at Big Dick Hunt, you’ll know that I’m a freak for Josh West. I love this sexy, bearded man and I’ve jacked off many times watching that huge cock of his sliding into a tight butt hole. Josh West even has his own section here in my Big Cock Hall of Fame.

A buddy of mine knows how much of a Josh West fan I am, so he sent me a link to Dominus, in which West appears with Angelo Marconi. To be honest with you, I’m so busy running seven gay porn blogs that I don’t often kick back with a DVD and have a good long jerk session, so I haven’t been keeping up with my Raging Stallion videos – I used to watch them all the time. And I’m sorry I’ve let them slip because I missed this one from last year – an it looks fucking hot.

I’m even more pissed at myself now because Dominus features four of my favourite hairy gay porn stars: aside from Josh West, there’s ex-COLT man Adam Champ; the ever sexy and heavily tattooed Logan McCree; and relative newcomer Morgan Black. And Morgan Black and Logan McCree are performing in the same scene – don’t know how I’ll get through that one without popping two or three times.

But I decided for now to settle on the Josh West and Angelo Marconi scene. (That link will take you to the free video preview page.) There’s not much set-up here. I guess Dominus is a sex club, I don’t know, I haven’t watched the whole movie yet, I just jumped right into this scene. Angelo Marconi is sitting on a leather couch and Josh West walks into the room; he’s bare chested in jeans with suspenders dangling down his legs, and his huge cock is semi-hard and sticking out of the fly in his denim. He stands near the couch and jerks his impressive dong – Angelo can’t stop staring at it. I guess he can’t!

Angelo is on his knees in no time and he’s swallowing Josh’s gigantic man meat. I’m wondering if Marconi can deep throat that thing because a lot of cocksuckers can’t. And I find myself screaming “amateur!” at the screen when one of West’s scene partners is just slobbering on his cock head. So Marconi starts off sucking on the nob and I’m getting ready to bellow at the screen; then effortlessly, he slides his mouth down the full length of Josh’s cock, making it disappear down his throat as if it was nothing. It’s quite impressive to see. I can see why Raging Stallion’s Chris Ward says, “Angelo Marconi is arguably the best bottom working today!” I can also understand why he’s Raging Stallions Man of the Year.

West fucks Marconi in a number of different positions on the couch, but for the finale, Marconi is on his back and he’s holding up one leg while Josh fucks him (the other leg is flopped across the the sofa’s back). Marconi is jacking his cock, but it’s taking him a bit of time to cum, so West is fucking and drilling and pumping and thrusting, and I’m thinking, “Marconi is going to wear Josh out.” (The scene runs for 27 minutes.) But no, West just keeps going faster and harder until Marconi finally busts a huge fucking load all over his smooth stomach. There’s a lot of cum! (This is my first time seeing Marconi in action, so I’m impressed.)

Then West pulls out and blasts his load all over Marconi’s plump pecs and an errant stream of spunk flies across Marconi’s scruffy chin sticking to the couple days worth of fuzz. I think I’m going to have to watch this one again, but I want to check out that scene with Logan McCree and Morgan Black. I’ll let you know what I think.

josh west and angelo marconi dominus

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