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Samuel O’Toole Pumps Duke Ryder’s Ass

samuel otoole fucking duke ryder

Back when Samuel O’Toole‘s gay porn site first launched on the Web I thought, “Oh here we go, another gay-for-pay, straight guy cashing in.” Yawn! Another Cody Cummings who just sits back and gets his dick serviced by a hoard of hungry gay cocksuckers.

But recently I had another look at Samuel O’Toole. You see, every week another batch of pictures falls into my inbox, and I normally just pass by O’Toole, but this week I happened to take a closer look, and man, is this boy hung. I actually wasn’t sure whether O’Toole was straight, gay, or bisexual. He’s mostly having sex with guys on his site, but he does fuck a few women over there, too. On his blog O’Toole clears things up: “You won’t catch me saying that I’m straight. I’m not gay, but I’m definitely not straight.” And that’s a fair statement. Sex and male sexuality is so fluid these days, but we do still like to try and label people.

Samuel O’Toole did his first porn scene in February of 2010. Now, as well as being a full-time student working on his bachelor’s degree in business, he’s also a full-time porn star. He also works as a personal trainer, but what gay porn star doesn’t? He’s good looking, a little of the guy next door, and yes, he’s got a big dick. I don’t know whether he’s Scottish or just pulling our leg with the O’Toole thing. I guess it’s no different than Johnny Hardon, Barrett Long, or any other number of fun porn star names. And by the way, Matthew Rush is O’Toole’s favourite gay porn star, his fave female porn actress is Rachel Starr.

But it was this latest scene from Samuel O’Toole that caught my eye. Young and cute Duke Ryder comes over to check out an ATV that Sam is selling. Duke is a cute redhead and he’s interested in the ATV, but he quickly notices that O’Toole is swinging large in his short, and now Duke is very interested. The problem is that Ryder is a little short on Sam’s asking price for the ATV. Well you know, as these things go in gay porn videos, Sammy is willing to negotiate, and when Duke drops to his knees and starts sucking, O’Toole is willing to give him a price break.

But Ryder doesn’t get off so easily, Sammy throws him over the ATV and fucks his ass hard with his big tool. I don’t imagine I would have needed a storyline to get into this hot fuck scene, but …

Now, back to my change of heart on O’Toole. It was his big dick that caught my attention in this recent series of pictures, but after looking at Sam’s blog and learning a bit more about him (as much as anyone can learn about another person from their blog) I’m liking him more as a person, and that turns me on when I’m watching his videos. And about the whole gay-for-pay thing, he adds: “If you do porn steady, and say you’re gay for pay, you’re at least a little bit bi, if not a closet case.” O’Toole doesn’t pull any punches, and I like that alot . I’m sorry now that I judged him before really taking a look at his videos. He seems like a no-bullshit kind of guy and I generally like straight shooting people, no pun intended.

If, like me, you’ve discounted Samuel O’Toole because you thought he was this, that, or the other thing. You might want to take another look. If O’Toole’s video keep turning me on this much, I’ll have to create a section for him in my Big Cock Hall of Fame. (See the menu bar at the top.)

samuel otoole fucking duke ryder

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  1. His arm tattoo is super hot- bet it hurt like a bitch too!

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