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Tim Kruger Shoots Massive Cum Load – Tim Tales

tim kruger shoots a massive cum load

Wow! Wow! Wow! Tim Kruger is one of my favourite men to watch fucking a hot ass, that’s why he has his own section here at Big Dick Hunt. (Click that link and you’ll see lots of Tim Kruger here.) And who can blame me, this hairy German man has a huge, uncut cock. But after seeing the massive load of cum he dumps all over Nicholas, I’m an even bigger fan.

Now, I’ve seen Kruger shooting his load lots of times, so I’m not sure why I’m so much more impressed this time around. I guess perhaps it’s because Nicholas is Brazilian and his dark-bronzed skin really shows off Kruger’s massive pool of spunk. Fuck! That’s a cum eater’s dream come true.

Tattooed Brazilian muscle hunk Nicholas is brand new on Tim Tales and he proves that he’s got the stuff. Seeing Kruger’s monster disappearing down Nicholas’ throat is a big turn-on. This Latin cocksucker can really chow down on a big dick – he swallows Kruger balls deep! He gags and sputters, but so what, lots of guys can’t handle that much cock.

tim kruger shoots a massive cum load

Nicolas is a bodybuilder from Brazil and he travels to Europe regularly, so perhaps we’ll see more of him on Tim Tales. And that’d be good because not only can his mouth handle a big piece of meat, but his ass makes Kruger’s big uncut cock disappear, too. Nicholas whimpers a bit as his ass begins to accept Kruger’s anal assault, but once he’s relaxed enough he’s loving it. And when Tim Kruger thrusts deep inside, Nicholas seems almost surprised that his ass is taking the whole thing.

But of course the best part of this suck and fuck video is seeing the massive cum load that Kruger unloads all over this Brazilian’s chest, even the look on Nicholas’ face pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

tim kruger shoots a massive cum load

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