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Horse Hung Andy Lee

horse hung andy lee

Sometimes a guy comes along in gay porn that really makes me sit up and take notice, and horse hung Andy Lee would be one of those guys. I’ve seen him stroking that impressive slab of dick meat a few times now, and being a lover of cum and uncut cock too he’s one guy I really can’t get enough of. So when he arrived at Butch Dixon to stroke the load from that cum cannon I was there, dick in hand, slippery with precum and ready to go!

This straight 6’2″ hunk of manly muscle is one of those handsome “average” guys at first appearance, but once he strips and shows off his beefy body and then that immense horse hung cock you know he’s anything but average. (If you love Andy Lee, click this link and you’ll find more of him here at Big Dick Hunt.)

andy lee hung like a horse

He has one of those dicks that could really stretch you open. It’s the kind of cock that just looks heavy and juicy the moment you set eyes on it. I’m pretty greedy when it comes to dick (well, duh!) and I would love to spend a few hours sucking that thing and working him up to a big load. But hang on, a few hours of edging isn’t needed with this straight guy and his huge uncut dick.

Not only is he so generously proportioned, and not only is he uncut with a really delicious foreskin over the big bell end, when this guy unloads his balls it is one serious shower of jizz! Grab a towel and let’s get soaking wet!

I know there are a few sites out there that rant and rave about their guys shooting a heavy load, and sometimes you see them cum and think “Is that it?” But when I say Andy Lee cums like a super-soaker I really mean it!

Andy Lee doesn’t just cum, it floods out of that dick. He splashes out his cream all over the place, feet in front of him, squirting his cum at whatever is in the way – often the guy filming him! I cannot emphasize this enough – cum fans have to watch this guy shooting his load. You will love it.

andy lee horse hung uncut cock

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