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Spanish Guy with Big Dick – Astroboi Selaby

spanish guy in sports gear and jockstrap

If you’ve been following my posts about the guys at Bentley Race you’ll know that Ben, the photographer and owner of Bentley Race, has been on a bit of a travelling jag lately. He hit Hungary and England, and now with this session with Astroi Selaby, we find out that Ben also made a stop in Spain. And he says that one of the reasons that he included Spain was so he could hang out with Spanish guy Astroboi Selaby, and presumably his big dick.

I guess Bentley Race filmed this hot and well-hung Spaniard a couple of years ago for his site and Ben says that “he plastered the room in cum,” so I can see why Ben wanted another chance to film this guy. That, and of course, Astroboi has a beautifully big dick. I don’t know how long it is, but I can see that it’s deliciously thick and crowned with a flared cap. And once again, I find myself hating Ben just a little bit, he always gets to film and play with the hottest guys. (Check out some of the past Bentley Race posts here at Big Dick Hunt – there are four pages of them!)

spanish guy with big dick

Astroboi stared out doing this solo video in some sports gear: a green and white stripped shirt, a jockstrap, and knee-high, white socks. He’s a cute guy with some sexy chin scruff and a bit of a smug smile, Ben says he’s a “cheeky bastard” and I believe it. He’s got a very hairy pair of legs, which I love, and then there’s that big hard erection of his.

I’m not too familiar with Spanish guys, I’ve seen a few on my porn travels, but most of the Latino guys I blog about come from South America, and many from Brazil. I’ve also found these Latino guys to be hugely hung, and more specifically, sporting thick cocks. I’ve always said that black men might have long cocks, but the Latinos could choke a horse with their thick meat. If this Spanish guy is any indication of what’s waiting for me in Madrid or Barcelona, then I’ll be thinking seriously about heading there on my next trip.

Once Ben gets an eyeful of this Spaniard’s fat cock, he joins in for a little play session. “Astroboi is one of my dirtier more dominant mates,” says Ben. And he made Ben sniff his arm pits and sucks his toes and bare feet before finally letting Ben suck him off. And without much warning, this horny Spanish guy surprised Ben and dumped a massive load of cum all over his face. Ah … poor Ben, he has it so hard, doesn’t he?

spanish guy with big dick


  1. Hey Bentley, great big “SPANISH CHORIZO” love his fat uncut boner.

    Seen a few of yours, all great. Love when they also uninhibited selfsuck then; love self-service dudes a lot!. Please do more often guys having fun with their own meats.


  3. I wanna suck this guy off big time. Lots of sperm in that sack of balls.

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