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Troy Haydon Fucks Fraser Jacs – Hard Brit Lads

troy haydon and fraser jacs

Tattooed Brit Troy Haydon is one of my current faves right now. I just can’t get enough of this good-looking and well-built stud. Although I realize that not all of you share my taste, so I’m trying to hold back and not make this the Troy Haydon blog.

I’ve been holding onto this Hard Brit Lads scene for a week or more because I’ve already featured a lot of Troy Haydon on my Hot Gay Sex blog. (You can click that link and see more of his posts.) But I just realized that I haven’t put a lot of Haydon here on Big Dick Hunt.

Troy Haydon and hairy-chested footballer Fraser Jacs have the hots for each other and their chemistry is palpable as they kiss and grope the stiffies bulging in their shorts. They get into some mutual nipple play and cock rubbing before Troy finally stands to feed his big, uncut cock down Fraser’s throat.

troy haydon and fraser jacs

They sit back on the bed and looking at their cocks in pretty close quarters, you’ll notice that Fraser is pretty well hung himself. In fact, his cock might be a little bigger than Troy’s – it’s definitely fatter and crowned with a more plump cock head.

Troy leans down and wraps his lips around Fraser Jac’s dick, licking it at first, then sucking his big throbbing head. Troy lies back on the bed and Fraser gives him some more head, sucking deep and slow. When Fraser speeds up he really drives Troy crazy and that tattooed hunk grabs this cocksucker’s head and rams his mouth hard.

After some rigorous ass eating, Fraser lies on his side. Troy spits in his hand and slathers Fraser’s butt hole with juice, then he gently inches his hard dick inside. He keeps pushing until he’s buried balls deep with Fraser moaning until there’s no more cock to give. Then a final sigh, a momentary pause, then Troy fucks him with long steady strokes and slowly starts picking up the pace.

After several minutes of fucking, Fraser gets on his back and Troy drills his ass hard, holding Fraser’s legs wide apart. Fraser holds back wanting to enjoy Troy’s dick for as long as he can, but Troy’s forceful thrusts are too much for him and he shoots his thick load of jizz all over his chest. Troy continues pumping until Fraser’s balls are empty, then the tattooed stud kneels over Fraser and unloads all over his face and mouth.

troy haydon and fraser jacs

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