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Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill & Gaelan Binoche Threeway Sex

ariel vanean, luke hamill, gaelan binoche threeway

Threeway sex scenes are incredibly difficult to film with all the arms, legs, and cocks to get into frame. But Bel Ami Online is the master when it comes to group sex scenes, they did after all film one of the world’s largest circle jerk featuring over 24 guys jacking their dicks in one room. And this threeway suck and fuck scene featuring Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill, and Gaelan Binoche has some of the hottest camera angles that lets you take in so much of the action. I’m in awe and it was such a pleasure to watch.

This Bel Ami video is a part of their Back in Africa session and today Gaelan Binoche has dropped in to see Ariel and discovers he already has a visitor. Gaelan has stopped by to take the boys to his house in Cape Town, but finding his two buddies in bed and going at it, they never leave the bedroom.

After a round of cock sucking, Gaelan gets his butt hole stretched with a dildo, and then he gets his ass fucked. Luke Hamill has a deliciously thick cock, so a bit of prep work was necessary. And when these three are done playing, Luke and Ariel shoot their big spunky loads all over Gaelan’s smooth body while he unloads all over his belly.

ariel vanean, luke hamill, gaelan binoche swapping blowjobs

Ariel Vanean is a very cute Czech guy; he’s bisexual and likes to get fucked. And he likes it so much that he’s often called upon to train new tops for Bel Ami. Now isn’t that a dream job?

Ariel is quite good looking and in fact, if I didn’t know he was Czech, I’d say he was the all-American guy – handsome with clean cut looks, a ripped and smooth body, and a delicious meaty, uncut cock. He’s simply beautiful and I can’t imagine anything hotter than having these boy’s feet resting on my shoulders while pumping his ass. But I’ll have to imagine because I’m the eternal bottom, so even if I ever did meet this handsome Czech in real life, sounds like we’d be fighting for the bottom.

Ariel Vanean is featured in almost 80 videos over at Bel Ami Online, so if you like this beautiful guy, you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

ariel vanean, luke hamill, gaelan binoche fucking bareback

Gaelen Binoche is a college student who hasn’t been working for Bel Ami all that long. But he’s a pornographer’s dream come true because one needs to barely touch his dick and it’s instantly hard. The only thing that seems to holding him back is Binoche himself. He’s chastised in his Bel Ami profile by George Duroy himself who says, “So far he is a little bit resistant to taking advice or constructive criticism in order to improve his performance and appearance.” Uh oh … a difficult one. But if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll settle down and do what he’s told. Nothing can end a porn career faster than a know-it-all “star.”

Things seem to be working out as Gaelan Binoche has appeared in 14 Bel Ami movies so far. And I quite enjoyed watching him getting his ass fucked by Luke Hamill.

ariel vanean, luke hamill, gaelan binoche cum shots

Luke was just 19 years old when he started his Bel Ami career and he’s appeared in over 80 videos. He appeared on many of Bel Ami’s DVD covers and he’s one of the studio’s most important models. And he works behind the scenes, too, he’s in charge of all the castings and model preparation and has started overseeing the production schedule.

But it’s in front of the camera where this blond stud shines and he’s sexually versatile. He’s got a beautiful uncut cock, nice and meaty, and you’re going to enjoy watching it sliding into Gaelan Binoche’s gaping butt hole.

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