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Big-Dicked Bottom – Chaos Men Eli

chaos men eli

A gay porn producer must love a guy like Eli. This cute, big-dicked guy did his first jack-off video for Chaos Men back in October 2009. And back then Bryan Ockert, the site owner, said, “I know he is down for a blow job, and I can’t wait to see him get his ass rimmed!” It turns out this horny guy was up for a whole lot more than oral sex, he’s filmed almost 20 videos and gotten his ass fucked in most of them.

And when you’re running a gay porn site that tries to get straight guys to dive into guy-on-guy sex, it’s got to be a godsend when you come across a stud who suddenly discovers that he loves bottoming. And Eli does love getting his ass fucked. Bryan has to spend a great deal of time coaxing these straight guys to take a cock up their ass, but Eli has taken to anal sex and bottoming like the proverbial duck to water.

Eli is a bit of good new / bad news kind of guy though because he has a beautiful big dick and it’d be great watching him plunging his hard meat into another guy’s hole, but he so rarely does it. Big-dicked bottoms are one of the disappointments in my sexual experience: Who hasn’t come across a well-hung guy only to have him throw his legs up in the air?

Still all that aside, I do love watching a bottom guy, especially one who is knew to gay sex, who knows that his ass feels good and loves getting a hard boning.

Recently Eli paired up with Foster, a straight muscle stud with a huge cock. Foster has only been filming with Chaos Men for the past few months, but he’s already done quite a bit of fucking. And as much as Eli loves to bottom, he seems to really get off taking a dick as big as his.

chaos men eli

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  1. Eli is my favorite. he does have a juicy cock, but i love his ass and his attitude. he seems like he’d be super fun in bed. wondering what he’s up to now, haven’t seen any updates with him on Chaosmen or Cocksuremen… i’m hoping he didn’t leave the industry.

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