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Harry Louis Gives a Creamy Facial – Bentley Race

harry louis and his huge cock

No European trip would be complete without feasting on Harry Louis’ huge uncut cock. So when Ben and Zac of Bentley Race hit England, Ben called up this hot stud and scheduled a blowjob session. Harry Louis is no stranger to big dick fans, he’s appeared on a lot of gay porn sites and I never get tired of watching some hungry cocksucker chowing down on his fat foreskin dick.

Harry Louis has appeared on Bentley Race before; Ben was smitten with the gorgeous hunk ever since they first hooked up in Germany a few years ago. And Ben was even more excited when Harry walked into his hotel suite because it looks like Harry has been working out hard. His back is much broader and he’s packing huge shoulders and biceps now.

harry louis and his huge cock

Always the exhibitionist, Ben had Harry Louis do some posing in the window of his tiny London hotel room. And Ben says they may have sent the teachers escorting a school excursion in the park across the road scurrying to get their students back on their bus. With Louis’ naked ass pressed against the window, the street below got quite an eyeful.

Once completely naked, Harry started pumping his fat meat in his fist, but this session quickly turned dirty when Harry grabbed the video camera and Ben got down on his knees. “Harry’s got quite a mouth stretcher of a cock on him,” Ben says. But Ben’s taken plenty of well-hung guys down his throat, so he managed just fine.

And it wasn’t long before Harry was holding Ben’s head and blasting him with a creamy facial. But what Ben didn’t realize was that more of Harry Louis’ jizz was flying all over and super soaking the room. “The window four feet away was dripping with a lot of hot cum.” It seems like Harry was saving this load up for a week! This muscle boy can shoot a massive load of cum!

harry louis and his huge cock


  1. Oh what I wouldn’t give for personal time with Harry Louis, what a stud.

  2. Oh I would swallow every drop of Harry Louis hot loads!!! Yummy!!!

  3. Agree with Donnie, I’ll catch all that massive fresh hot load blast deep down my throat while enjoy that excited thrust beating of Harry’s hunky man meat pack throbbing hard inside my hungry mouth…..let’s melt that huge meat pack!!

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