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Mick Lovell Fucks Harris Hilton – Bel Ami Online

mick lovell fucks harris hilton

Mick Lovell and his beautiful big cock are featured in another new movie over at Bel Ami Online this week. And fans on blond guys are going to love this video. He’s paired up this week with Harris Hilton, who has filmed quite a few videos with Bel Ami. (You can click that link and see all of Harris Hilton’s videos.)

Sexy young Harris Hilton hails from Hungary. He had a little trouble when he first starting filming with Bel Ami Online because he comes from a well-off Hungarian family and some so-called friends tried to make a scandal out of his new-found career in gay porn. But he’s relaxed into things now and doesn’t really care what people think, which is great for us because he’s a cute guy and sports a juicy uncut cock.

Mick Lovell is just started to film with Bel Ami Online, but he’s a rising star and it seems like every week or so he’s featured in a new video over there. I’ve features quite a few of his appearances here, you can see more of his posts here at Big Dick Hunt by clicking Mick Lovell.

This is a two-part scene and in this first episode Mick Lovell and Harris Hilton spend some time swapping blowjobs and getting to know each other’s dicks. They’re both hung about the same, around 7.5 inches, but while Lovell is cut and a little thicker, Harris Hilton’s cock is sheathed in foreskin. There are some great underneath shots where we get to see Lovell’s thick meat sliding into Hilton’s greedy mouth.

Once they’re rock hard, Hilton bends over and Mick Lovell inches his stiff prick inside Hilton’s smooth butt hole. And once the guys have had their fill of fucking, Lovell gets on his knees and takes Hilton’s cum load all over his face. Then Lovell lies back and jerks off with Hilton caressing and kissing him. Lovell shoots a fantastic straight-up-in-the-air cumshot. It’s wonderful!

The second part of this video is coming soon and we’ll get to see Lovell taking a fucking with Hilton on top.

mick lovell fucks harris hilton

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