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Sucking a Large Italian Sausage

guy sucking a large Italian cock

I do enjoy chowing down on a thick cock and Mario has one deliciously large Italian sausage. He’s one of the guys who stops by New York Straight Men to get some head. And cocksucker Trey is skilled at giving oral sex and is always a lot of fun to watch.

I love the way Trey worships this cock, running his tongue along the underside of Mario’s upwards curve. God, that is one hot piece of meat. And judging by the look on Mario’s face, he’s enjoying this head session, too.

Mario even grabs Trey’s head to encourage him to swallow his large cock deep inside his throat. But Trey doesn’t need any instruction, he’s been servicing straight men for quite some time now and hasn’t had any complaints.

guy sucking a large Italian cock

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