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The Set-up – New Gay Porn Site

parole officer gets his dick sucked

Benjamin Gibson shows up for his weekly meeting with parole officer Johnson and this week officer Harrington is sitting in. When a routine body search turns up a bag of drugs, Johnson offers the young guy a way out: “Suck my cock and I’ll forget I found these drugs.”

This scene is from a brand new gay porn site called Parole Him. And it features skanky and corrupt parole officers taking advantage of their position of power to get their dicks serviced. New porn sites pop up almost every week, and a lot of them are just the same old thing, but Parole Him offers something different and I like it.

When you head over to Parole Him and watch the free video preview, you’ll seeing Gibson standing against the wall for his routine body search and you can clearly see officer Harrington slipping a bag of drugs into Gibson’s back pocket. Harrington carries on with the search and eventually comes back to that back pocket. He throws to drugs on the desk and Gibson’s parole officer starts drilling him. Gibson says the drugs aren’t his and that he’s been clean since he went to jail and he hasn’t done any partying since he got out. He’s pleading for them to believe him.

When officer Johnson says there’s something he can do to avoid going back to jail, Gibson says that he’ll do anything. “Good. Then get over here and suck my cock and we’ll forget all about these drugs.”

Gibson knows that he’s been set up, but what’s he supposed to do? He either gets down on his knees or he’ll be heading back to jail. And for the next 37 minutes, this young – and hung – parolee services these parole officers. Johnson has a thick cock, so Gibson gets a mouthful.

But this skanky parole officer isn’t happy with just a blowjob. He puts Gibson in handcuffs and bends him over the desk and stuffs his fat cock up this parolee’s boy hole. Gibson bears through this rough fuck, but this option is better than some cell block mate taking his ass in jail – at least the parole officer uses lube.

parole officer gets his dick sucked

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  1. is getting fucked by a short-dicked old lech with MOOBS supposed to be a gay wet-dream??????? what horse-shit!

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