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10 Wrist-Thick Inches

David Ken & Tony Axel

Now here’s a cock that will leave you gasping. British stud David Ken is just shy of 10 inches and it’s as thick around as your wrist. So I guess you could kind of say that in this scene from Hard Brit Lads power bottom Tony Axel is getting fucked and fisted all in one go.

Once David finally hauls his monster meat out of his shorts Tony opens wide and starts stuffing as much of this 10 incher in his mouth as he can. He takes it slowly at first, getting it good and wet, but even so, he struggles to swallow more than half of it. David grabs the back of Tony’s head and tries pushing his mouth further down his meaty shaft, but this dick is massive. Even the most experienced cocksucker would have trouble deep throating this thing.

Tony lies back on the sofa and lets David warm up his butt hole with a slobbering rim job. Then David teases Tony’s fuck hole, rubbing his throbbing cock head against Tony’s puckered, wet hole. He starts poking and prodding and inches his meat inside. Tony gasps as his hole is invaded and needs a moment to catch his breath. Bit by bit David slides in all 10 wrist-thick inches. Once that last inch is inside, Tony punctuates his achievement with a loud groan.

David doesn’t give Tony much of a break and slides his fuck stick in and out, slowly but it’s still intense, even for this power bottom. The guys shift positions a number of times, but Tony likes it on his back best. And he shows how much he loves it by jerking his dick. And as David pounds Tony’s stretched asshole, Tony shoots a thick load of spunk all over his abs. As Tony is squeezing out the last drops of jizz, David kneels beside him and empties his swollen balls all over Tony’s chest. He totally sprays the bottom with hot jizz.

David Ken & Tony Axel


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