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Big-Dicked Muscle Boy

muscle guy with a big dick flexing

Sean Cody thinks that Leon comes across looking like a bit of a hard ass and maybe that’s because this buff guy has muscles stacked upon muscles, a shaved head, and spacers in his ears. But one look at Leon’s smile and you can see that he’s an adorably cute guy who just wants a big hug.

And even Leon himself admits that he’s a big flirt. “I reel them in with my smile, bait them with my charming personality, and then finish them off with a little bit of French. Works every time!” And he’s talking about the language, not French kissing. “Sometimes I make up random things and say them in French. The girls think I’m whispering sweet nothings in their ears, but usually I’m just spewing random crap!”

So if you ever run into this dude and he says something like: “Je conduis une banane dans la rue et des baleines tombent du ciel!” He’s not suggesting you go back to his place, he’s saying, “I’m driving a banana down the street and whales are falling from the sky.”

This confident and cock-sure muscle boy is only 18 years old and he’s has just finished up high school. Jesus Christ! The boys didn’t look like that back when I was in high school. He says that he really buffed up during his senior year — I guess he did!

And he’s just started doing professional bodybuilding competitions. “It’s kind hilarious strutting around in those banana hammocks on stage. Letting your junk hang out, but it’s exciting. For whom? You or the audience? I’m sure they don’t mind seeing that big dick of Leon’s flopping around in his posing trunks.

muscle guy with a big dick flexing

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