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Seducing the Coach – Zeb Atlas & Tyler Sweet

zeb atlas fucking tyler sweet

I’m not a big fan of Tyler Sweet. But I’ll watch massive muscle man Zeb Atlas fuck just about any guy’s ass. And he’s pounding this twink in a scene called The Seduction over at Big Dicks at School. It’s not so much Tyler Sweet, I just don’t really have much use for twinks, unless they’re on their knees rubbing my feet or polishing my boots or cleaning my floors. This is the second scene Zeb Atlas has filmed for MEN. And from what I hear, the bodybuilder has been signed to do a total of three scenes with MEN, so we’ve got one more to look forward to.

So Tyler Sweet plays a student who just found out the new football coach probably isn’t going to be using him on the team. Okay. Really? Tyler Sweet is on the football team? As what? The football? The guy weighs like maybe 110 pounds if he’s lucky.

But coach Atlas heard about Tyler trying to cause trouble with the last coach, John Magnum, so he doesn’t let things go that far. He simply tells Tyler that his muscles are really sore and maybe if he rubs lotion on them they can talk about Tyler’s position on the team. Tyler ain’t going to have a position on the team, he’s going to be lying across the coach’s desk after every game letting this massive man pound out his frustrations on his butt.

One of the parts of this scene that I loved is when Zeb Atlas picks up this tiny guy, flips him over, and they get into a standing 69 cock sucking session. It’s quite hot!

And I enjoyed how Zeb Atlas really pounded this boy’s ass. He’s a pretty good dirty talker, too: “You going to cum for the coach? Come on, cum for the coach.” Putting my personal feelings about twinks aside, I did find it pretty hot watching a huge bodybuilder fucking a guy he out weighs by at least a factor of two, maybe even two and a half! Diminutive Tyler Sweet makes Zeb Atlas look all the bigger.

zeb atlas fucking tyler sweet

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