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British Guy with 10 Incher and Beer Can Thick

young British guy with 10 inch cock

Doesn’t David Ken’s massive cock make you suck wind? This British guy’s 10 incher isn’t only long, but it’s almost as big around as a beer can — his fingers don’t even touch when he wraps his fist around it! I know that I say this almost every time I post one of these monster dicks, but some guys are just too well hung. I actually feel sorry for David because while I’m sure he gets all kinds of attention — who wouldn’t want to play with such a huge toy? — David probably doesn’t get a lot of bottoms who really know what to do with his massive meat. I’ve heard Matt Hughes complain in interviews that his 11 inches rarely gets a good blowjob.

Let’s face it, you pretty much have to be hollow to take a hard and deep fucking from such a hung guy. And while there are bottoms out there who could take this long, uncut penis up their asses, there are probably even fewer who could deep throat this thing. I’ll bet David gets more lousy head than good.

There are times in David’s photo gallery where he’s standing with his 10 incher pointing skyward and it looks like he’s going to fall over. In his video he gently slides his foreskin up and down his shaft — 10 inches and uncut, I love it!

He continues to spit into his foreskin as he strokes his generous cock slowly. He picks up the speed as this jerk-off session continues, and when he’s finally ready to spunk, he’s lying back on the sofa. The first blast of cum flies through the air and hits him in the forehead! The next squirt lands on his chest. The following streams of cum keep shooting out of this deadly weapon until his entire chest and belly are covered in creamy white jizz. I can’t wait to see which one of the Hard Brit Lads is going to attempt to sit on this beer-can thick cock.

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  1. this dude is definitely NOT white-bread british: looks levantine or middle-eastern, but what a dick! he’ll never replace matt hughes, but he’ll do for now.

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