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Gang Sucking a Priest – Scandal in the Vatican

six young guys giving a priest a blowjob

Trevor Yates is playing a priest in Bel Ami’s Scandal in the Vatican and he is giving a gang of school boys a tour of his church and he sits down to talk to them about going to seminary school and what the skills they need to become a good priest. Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Jaco Van Sant, and Sean Davis sit around the priest on the couch and listen. “You have to have good oral skills,” says Father Yates. And while he was referring to talking to parishioners and giving sermons, one of the boys pipes up and says, “Are you talking about sex?” Yates smiles and replies, “Well yes, that too.”

With that this gang of horny boys start pawing the priest and stripping him out of his clothes. And when they finally release his monster uncut cock, they’re enthralled. It’s like they’re seeing the Virgin Mary burnt into a piece of toast. I really loved this scene because one boy after another tries to swallow Trevor Yates massive dick, but none of them are able to get more than a third of a way down. A couple of these cocksuckers get close to swallowing half of it, but none goes any further than that. Even seeing some of these boys wrapping their tiny hands around Yates tool gives you an idea of how humongous thick this thing is. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

After the guys have shot their cum loads all over the priest, they start joking about which one of them is going to take it up his ass. And that leads into the second scene where one of these lucky boys gets his ass stretched beyond believe.

gang of guys sucking a huge cock

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