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Harry Louis Stuffing Executive Butt

harry louis and axxel brooks

Harry Louis announced his retirement from gay porn a few months back, which is a shame because we love that huge uncut snake of his. But I guess when you’re married to a world-famous designer (Marc Jacobs) your husband gets to call the shots. I guess Jacobs doesn’t want everyone thinking about him riding Harry’s super fat cock, and he’d be a fool if he wasn’t stuffing that monster up his ass as often as he could.

Anyway, I found this scene from Men at Play on my computer and all ready to post here at Big Dick Hunt. And frankly, I’m doubtful that we’ve seen the last of Harry Louis in gay porn. Adult performers retire and come out of retirement faster than shoppers scurry off to Black Friday sales. Mark my words, Harry Louis will be back.

harry louis and axxel brooks

In this scene from Men at Play, Harry Louis hooks up with scruffy-faced Axel Brooks in the employee locker room. And after a bit of kissing, it’s not long before Harry is sitting back in a chair with his delicious and super fat uncut cock pulled through his trousers’ fly. Axel Brooks is down on his knees slobbering all over this beautiful foreskin dick and stuffing as much of it into his mouth as he can.

Then Brooks slips off his pants and bends over the table and Louis spreads his butt cheeks wide and dives into this stud’s hairy fuck hole with his tongue. Once Brooks’ ass is good and wet, Harry starts pushing his thick meat inside Brooks’ puckered hole. I can only imagine how good that fatty felt pumping his ass.

harry louis and axxel brooks

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