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Hung Mormon Guy

young mormon boy and his big cock

If you ever get a chance to suck off a Mormon guy, jump at the chance. Mormon Boyz has just come back online and I’ve been over there checking out some of these guys and I have to say that most of them are pretty well hung. I don’t know what they’re feeding these guys back in Utah, but they sure do have some honking big cocks. Maybe there’s another reason for polygamy: Mormon women need a gaggle of wives to help keep these big-dicked husbands satisfied. I know, I’m terrible.

Robinson is one of the guys I found over at Mormon Boyz and this 19-year-old cutie is hung like a horse. And not only that, but he’s extra horny and shoots two loads of cum!

The Mormon Boyz producer met this hung stallion one day while he was out doing missionary work with his companion. These two boys were standing at a hot dog stand buying some street meat after a long day of trying convert the wicked. Robinson said, “It’s cool if you’re into guys. My companion and I don’t have a problem with that. You may not want to join the Mormon church, but here’s our number if you ever want us to come over anyway.”

So it turns out that Elder Robinson has always been interested in trying porn. And while together he and his missionary companion let out a chorus of “no ways” the young Mormon missionary soon finds himself stripping out of his shirt and tie and lying on the hotel-room bed in his shear temple garments and stiffening up his big cock for what would become a double-cumshot jerk-off session.

young mormon boy and his big cock

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  1. wow i would love to suck on that an ride it deep

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