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German College Jock Sprays His Load

hung, handsome tattooed stud

I knew there was a reason I liked Johann when I first saw him. Aside from his handsome looks, ripped body, and his long cock, he’s a German college jock and I love Deutsch men. Johann has a wholesome look to him, handsome with beautiful teeth and a friendly smile. But when he peels off his shirt, his bad boy starts showing through — tattooed flowers across his shoulders and Chinese characters down his back.

Johann recently flew from Germany and visited Island Studs in Hawaii and this horny athlete loves being nude and showing off, so it wasn’t a stretch when Island Studs asked him to give us a look at his sexy ripped body. And this is his first time on video.

As a German, Johann wasn’t used to the tropical sun, so his legs are sporting a good sunburn. In his video he pumps weights in the sun and gets his tight body sweaty. And I love watching his meaty cock swinging between his legs — that is a beautiful cock — and it’s one of the reasons I love German men so much, they always seem to be so well hung.

Then Johann settles back to work that sausage of his and not only is it impressive to look at, but it shoots a wicked load of spunk. His balls send a cum spray through the air and some of his jizz splatters on his thigh. By the time he’s done shooting, his fist is a gooey sticky mess.

hung, handsome tattooed stud

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