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Roger Lambert & Paul Mekas – Bigger Than Big

roger lambert and paul mekas

Paul Mekas and Roger Lambert are pretty evenly matched, they’ve both done 11 scenes for Bel Ami Online. But Mekas has the bigger dick of the two, it’s almost 8.5 inches and quite impressive to look at. Mekas himself is proof that the Lord giveth and taketh away: Mekas might have a big cock, but he’s not very good looking, he has stupid hair, and he’s quite skinny. Although I’m sure if I were at the baths with my ass in the air and this scrawny Czech guy came into my room with his heavy-hanging meat that I wouldn’t say no to a deep dicking. But even Bel Ami’s George Duroy says, “After two years, we are still figuring out what to do with his hair.”

Roger Lambert is much easier on the eyes, and this beautiful blond boy has been filming with Bel Ami for a little while now; he’s also the cousin of the beautiful Dolph Lambert, who has made dozens of videos with the studio. Good looks sure do run in this family. Roger’s dick isn’t as long as Paul’s, but what he loses in length, he makes up for in girth.

In this scene from Bigger Than Big, the guys swap blowjobs. Mekas pushes Lambert’s legs over his head and the camera moves in for some delicious shots of Roger’s tight, puckered butt hole. The boy’s got a beautiful ass and Mekas can’t wait to slide his long dick into this raw rosebud. Lambert takes Paul’s long dick right down to his balls and gets fucked pretty good.

But for me, the best part of this scene was watching Paul spunk his considerable cum load all over Roger’s beautiful face. A big blast of cum shoots right up the middle of Roger’s face, almost hitting him in the eye, and Roger has his mouth open ready to take whatever falls on his hungry tongue.

roger lambert and paul mekas

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